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Electric Bike Battery Pack

Electric Bike Battery Pack

Do you want to know who makes the safest electric scooter and E-bike battery packs in India? So, yes, we are the best option. Our assembly procedures have consistently been one of the best among the best in the country. Regardless of the brand of bike or scooter, our technology is not only safe, but also provides a high performance ratio and energy efficiency. We are manufacturers of electric scooter lithium battery packs, with a wide range of sizes, capacities, and voltages.

Key Features:

  • High service Life: 2500 Cycles LFP and 1500 Cycles NMC
  • Deep Discharge allowed upto 80% to 90%
  •  Faster charging
  •  Very low Peukert’s losses (Energy efficiency up-to 98%)
  •  Ultra-safe Pack construction for battery cells
  •  Integrated proprietary BMS improves life span and security of battery pack
  •  Communication protocols: CAN2.0, UART, Bluetooth
  •  Range of EV batteries 24V to 150V; 10AH to 200AH

Safety Features:

  • Explosion proof
  •  Dust Proof
  •  Water resistance IP-67
  •  Overload Protection
  •  High charge and deep discharge protections
Electric bike battery pack