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5 Myths

About Solar Energy In India


Myth # 1

Solar panels can only function in the presence of sunlight.

Even in cold or monsoon circumstances, solar systems are efficient enough to function. Solar technology may be fully utilized as long as some sunlight reaches the earth, regardless of whether it is pouring or snowing. So, even if you reside in one of the country’s coldest regions and want to use a sustainable source while saving a healthy amount of money each month, Go Solar without being swayed by any myths.


Myth # 2

It Is Expensive

Homeowners can go solar for no money upfront and save money on their monthly energy bills. Without a doubt, many buy-back options result in long-term financial savings. As a result, it saves you a lot of money in the long term.


Myth # 3

Solar Panels Aren’t Power Efficient Enough.

Experts in solar energy systems have stated that the efficiency of the solar cell, even in typical sunlight, is sufficient to make any heavy machinery work to its full potential.


Myth # 4

The Solar Panel System isn’t long-lasting.

Solar panels are quite dependable. Most panels generate electricity for a long time, and at FAMSOLAR, we provide a 25-30 year warranty. Solar panels constructed in the late 1970s are still generating electricity. So you can see how dependable solar energy can be.


Myth # 5

Installation Is Complicated.

Once you express an interest in having rooftop solar installed, a reputable solar business such as ours would be more than delighted to assist you and make the process as simple as possible.